**Due to COVID-19 the church office is closed to visitors.   Worship options are listed under the Worship tab.  In-Person Worship is being offered at Saturday 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:30 a.m. services.  Please note that prior registration is necessary for Saturday in-person worship.  Click menu above Worship > In-Person for details.**



We welcome everyone to worship, study, serve with us at any time!  For those who want to formally join our faith family we host new member preparation in the fall and spring. We meet twice, once for "Luther in a Nutshell" (background on our Lutheran Christian heritage) and again for New Member Meet & Greet with incoming members, their sponsors and Council reps who speak about our various ministries.  These meetings are usually on Sunday mornings, 10:30– 11:30 am. Interested?Contact Pastor Mary! By phone: 732-223-7830 or e-mail

Meanwhile, please visit us, worship with us, and participate as fully as you would like in our Life Together of worship, study, play, holy work within and beyond Holy Trinity.