Justice and Peace Advocacy


Our mission is to promote the right for all people to achieve peace and social justice, in support of the ELCA’s advocacy agenda by:

Providing educational opportunities;

Endorsing and supporting organizations that assist those who bear the brunt of injustice and inequity;

Engaging in actions which attempt to create the “Beloved Community” God envisions for all of God’s children


In the words of ELCA’s Presiding  Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, “Advocacy gives us tools to serve our neighbors.  It’s a spiritual discipline.”  Our Justice and Peace Advocacy team provides opportunities to live out this spiritual discipline.  Systemic racism, affordable housing, accessible healthcare and food insecurity are just a few of the concerns that our denomination is addressing. The following is a sample of our recent activities and reflects the focus of our efforts over the last year: 

*  Provided financial assistance to Interfaith Neighbors who offered economic relief to those who were severely affected by job losses due to the pandemic.

*  Offered a five-part study, Dialogues on Race, which explored the roots and manifestations of racism.

Shared timely and accurate information on voter registration and related matters prior to the November 2020 election cycle.

*  Supported the annual walk-a-thon for Interfaith-RISE which provides refugee resettlement assistance.

*  Held a viewing and subsequent discussion of the documentary, The Social Dilemma, as well as provided a list of resources for parents in dealing with the issues raised in the program.

*  Sponsoring the Holy Trinity Book Club which features the discussion of works whose subject matter aligns with the foci of ELCA advocacy.

For more information on advocacy opportunities, please explore the following resources:

ELCA Advocacy Action Center: from here you can select specific current issues and send pre-written emails to all of your legislators. 

ELCA Advocacy Network Sign-Up: sign up for emails & timely advocacy alerts.

LEAMNJ: Lutherans Engaging in Advocacy Ministry.

For more information on our Justice and Peace advocacy work or to join our team, please contact Letitia Jensen (jp1@holytinity-elca.org) or Liz Stupar (jp2@holytrinity-elca.org).