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Justice and Peace Advocacy


Our mission is to promote the right for all people to achieve peace and social justice, in support of the ELCA advocacy agenda. We pursue this mission by providing educational opportunities, endorsing and supporting organizations that assist those suffering from injustice and inequity, and striving to engage in actions to lift up those on the margins. Interest in our programs and activities draws participants both from our Holy Trinity faith family as well as from the wider community.



The Justice and Peace Ministry seeks to understand and examine issues that extend across a range of relevant social concerns. By utilizing an effective format that includes a ‘deep dive’ book study, documentary presentation, and expert panel discussion, we recently have addressed the following issues:


·       ­Mental Health – especially focusing on the mental health crisis among our youth


·       Immigration and Refugees  – closely exploring the immigration/refugee crisis at our southern border, with particular emphasis on those coming from the Northern Triangle


·       Ukrainian Relief  - working in partnership with the Holy Trinity Social Ministry group to raise over $13,000 for the Ukrainian relief effort


·       Food Insecurity – partnering with the Manasquan Food Pantry and local churches to ensure those in need receive the sustenance they need


·       Gender Equality – understanding the challenges facing parents of transgender children


·       Racial Injustice ­– examining our country’s history of segregation and its impact on our cur

rent state of racial inequality


For more information on advocacy opportunities, please explore the following resources:


ELCA Advocacy Action Center: from here you can select specific current issues and send pre-written emails to all of your legislators. 


ELCA Advocacy Network Sign-Up: sign up for emails & timely advocacy alerts.


LEAMNJ: Lutherans Engaging in Advocacy Ministry.


For more information on our Justice and Peace advocacy work or to join our team, please contact Letitia Jensen (jp1@holytrinity-elca.org) or Leslie Smith (jp2@holytrinity-elca.org)