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Stephen Ministry

Receiving Care from a Stephen Minister


Are you feeling alone or uncared for, even in the midst of family or friends? Are you struggling with a setback or grieving a loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship? Are you experiencing chronic or terminal illness? Is your hope battered, even overwhelmed by despair, fear or uncertainty? If so, Stephen Ministry pairs a trained Stephen Minister to join with you on your journey, to shine the light of Christ on the path. Having your own Stephen Minister might be just what Jesus would want for you.  The relationshsip is strictly confidential. 


If you would like to find out more about becoming a care-receiver, you may email the leader by clicking the button below.

Becoming a Stephen Minister

Do you believe you have a calling to share our Savior’s love and concern for another person by being a weekly presence in the face of challenging times, being a faithful listener, and encouraging another in prayer?  Would you like to be a Stephen Minister? Then Stephen Ministry may be for you.

Stephen Ministers are lay members of the congregation trained to provide one-to-one care for those alone or unable to participate in in-church activities for a variety of reasons.  They visit others not to fix but to be present with love and caring. They are trained to listen, to join another's journey, and to pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance.  

Training to become a Stephen Minister is conducted by trained Stephen Leaders from Holy Trinity. Training materials are provided by  Stephen Ministries – St. Louis, an organization active since 1975 and continuing to expand across the world and across denominations. As of 2020, over 13,000 congregations participate in its work. More about their many resources and examples of life stories can be found at their website: https://www.stephenministries.org/default.cfm

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Stephen Minister, you may contact the leader via email by clicking the button below.